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The Ultimate App
Helping Agent Teams to Sell More

The Ultimate App
Helping Agent Teams to Sell More

Empower your agent team’s potential so they can achieve more.

Are your sales agents hitting their targets?

Managing agent teams can be challenging. How you can get the best from your commission-based team? With Tribee sales enablement employee-centric platform, you can help your team to maximize their sales potential. Tribee provides your sales team with instant access to the content at the right time, training when it’s most effective, and news when it matters most, so they can bring more.

What is Tribee?

Tribee app helps you to connect with and enable your sales teams to reach their peak revenue potential. It gives you true visibility into how your teams and your managers are performing.

  • Sales Campaigns

  •  Communication & Recognition

    Communication & Recognition

  • Gamified & Exciting

  • Rewards & Benefits

  • Actionable Insights

  • Employee Social Selling

    Inspire your agents to sell
    better, faster, and smarter.

    Personalized campaigns

    Create personalized and trackable content for your agents to quickly find and share your campaigns.

    Better Incentive outcomes

    Drive revenue and measure the effectiveness of social media programs.

    One-click knowledge access

    Empower your agents to succeed with a centralized hub for everything they need to engage – content, competition product news and more.

    Leverage data-driven insights

    Get real-time so you can make timely right decisions.

    The new frontier of selling is here. Are you ready?

    Whatever blockers stand between you and your revenue goals, at Tribee we’ve got a best-in-class solution to power the sales growth you’re looking for.

    What does Tribee bring?

    Personalized Social Selling = faster sales campaign.

    Long time to launch campaign? Limited engagement? We got you covered!

    Get less friction and more speed with faster and easier campaigns and promotions roll out.

    Easy link and content sharing directly from the Tribee app.

    One-click knowledge access

    Do your team know what is needed to sell? Do they have access to relevant products or campaigns data?

    With Tribee team members can easily educate themselves, all in one place.

    One-Click to Make All Employees Aware and highlight what is needed for every campaign to bring success and performance in.

    Better Incentive outcomes

    Are your teams motivated with their bonus scheme? Do they understand what is being expected?

    Tribee makes it easy for your agent teams to understand what action they need to take.

    With a gamified feedback loop, they embrace healthy competition and take control over their income.

    actionable insights

    Annoyed waiting for the sales update? Constantly dealing with limited real-time performance data?

    With Tribee you are in touch with revenue performance and employee feedback, in real-time so you can make timely right decisions.

    Coach and shorten the loop to improve your sales performance.

    Goodbye, Confusion.
    Hello, Performance
    by motivating employees' behaviours leading to sales and supporting business decisions with data.

    What makes Tribee work?

    Science of influencing behaviours

    With Tribee we focus on igniting intrinsic motivation through behavioural science to boost teams sales performance. We use gamification, knowledge boosters and multiple social and rewards to achieve behavioural outcomes. Tribee highlights what each team member needs to do differently to be more effective and close more. That lets you unlock their full potential. With fun.

    True visibility, from the macro to micro

    Every goal and target consists of small tasks. With Tribee you may break it down to employee level and track how their daily actions are contributing to the success of the whole organisation, in real-time. Get hard data on how each of your team members and regions is performing vs. the rest of the team so you can provide personalized coaching and take decisions based on data, not guesswork.
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