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3 reasons makes a sales competition fail

3 reasons makes a sales competition fail

1. An invisible competition

For a successful sales competition, make sure your salespeople know about its existence. If possible, let them know their progress and their rankings compared with other colleagues every day.

Tribee provides a sales enablement platform where managers can easily create sales competitions and announce them immediately to salespeople. Contact us to know more.

2. Misaligned metrics and time-frame

A successful sales contest must first have an appropriate method of measuring.

The metrics at the bottom of the sales funnel (such as closing the deal, the number of product purchases,...) should have a longer duration than the metric at the early stage of the sales process (like the number of customer meetings, the number of click on the UTM link,...), according to SalesScreen.

You can also simply create a survey and ask the salespeople how they want to compete.

3. Too old-fashioned format

A competition where only the top 20% wins is becoming obsolete and you can think of other formats for your sales competition.

Salespeople feel they have a chance to win and will try harder with a contest where the winners are partly determined by luck, according to SalesScreen.

Lucky draw is a good example. The rule of this contest can be: for each product sold, the salesperson will get 10 tickets. More closed orders mean more tickets and a higher chance of winning but still - even with fewer tickets, you still may get lucky and win. That's why everyone stays interested until the end!