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3 sales enablement trends to watch in 2022

3 sales enablement trends to watch in 2022

1. Hybrid working

The pandemic is not over. You need to get used to hybrid working.

92% of all sales interactions happen over the phone - according to Brevet, have you thought of utilizing this working trend to enable your sales?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to prepare your sales team with sales enablement platforms to transfer new information, training, or sales activities quickly and without too much reliance on the face to face interactions. This way, your salespeople can easily access information no matter where they are and perform better with powerful technology.

2. Agile sales mindset

With the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, an agile mindset plays a vital role in the revenue enablement of a company.

With an agile approach to driving sales, your teams can respond to every change quickly. A salesperson with an agile mindset is open to learning and improving which helps them to solve problems they will face in their jobs.

3. Social selling

41% of sales managers say that customers want to communicate more digitally, and 38% reported that customers want to make more purchases online, according to the 2021 Sales Trends Report by Zendesk.

In this digital age, the rising of digital sales is undeniable. The more quickly your company adapts to it, the more likely you will achieve your sales target.

Personalized content and social selling features of sales enablement will help you reach your customers.