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4 advantages of running a sales competition

4 advantages of running a sales competition

1. Motivate salespeople and encourage innovation

Sales competitions lead to greater professionalism, talent match, skill enhancement, and communication - according to NCSC.

Sales contests implement a sense of rivalry among the sales team's members because we’re competitive by nature as people.

The activity can improve the innovation of the salespeople, enhance their skills and ideas. To enhance their output, they need to look for help in new ways by examining existing processes and improving them.

2. Generate more revenue

86% of salespeople missed their sales target every year, according to a Sales Health Alliance survey.

If you think about reminding your team about sales targets and motivating them to achieve them, organizing a sales competition may be a good idea.

Sales contests help salespeople to stay focused on goals and have fun in their work.

3. Help your employees step out of their comfort zone

When you run a sales competition, you help your employees step out of their comfort zone!

Usually, salespeople don’t need to put in too much effort if their target is already achieved. But with a sales competition, they will try new ways and approach more potential customers than ever.

They will go extra mile to win!

4. Define who is the best performer and grant them with worthy prizes

Competition is an excellent method to measure and track individual performance.

The results will help you visibly divide your team into tiers and then coach those who will benefit the most. Most managers concentrate their efforts on the top and bottom 20% of their employees, according to Leveleleven.

You can also provide extra rewards to the salespeople who deserve it the most and boost their morale even further.