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4 tips to build a successful sales competition

4 tips to build a successful sales competition

Helpful tips to build your own successful sales competition

1. Keep the game simple

Salespeople are very busy, so if you run a contest that is too hard to understand, it is likely to fail.

Pick one or two goals that your team should focus on and offer a reward for achieving it.

A clear and straightforward goal will help drive salespeople. For example, the person who closes the most orders during the week wins, or the winner will be the person who reaches the target in that month first.

2. Short term sales competitions work better

If duration of your sales competition is a whole month or quarter, your teams may get bored and stop paying attention to it.

An effective sales contest should be held in less than a month - preferably 1-2 weeks or even daily. This way, the game will feel urgent and achieving the goal will always feel within the reach.

3. Companies using daily sales leaderboards win

Salespeople often lose focus from their goals if they are too long-term. Enable them to see every day where they stand compared to their peers helps to keep them engaged in striving for better results.

That's why companies with transparency around daily progress perform better. Especially if it involves competition!

Tribee sales enablement app includes leaderboards for your salespeople to check their progress at any time. Contact and follow us to know more.

4. Interesting prizes should be given on time

85% of people believe that managers should reward someone’s achievement as soon as it is accomplished - research by Deloitte.

Just as you have a deadline for sales targets, you should give yourself deadlines to payout the rewards as soon as possible, certainly before you launch a new target or sales competition.

Modern technologies allow you to automate the whole process and enable your teams to receive their rewards instantly, boosting their satisfaction.

Last but not least, focus on making your rewards unique and exciting! Money is always preferred when speaking about large amounts. If the rewards are relatively small, you'll create more excitement by proposing cool gifts that your teams will appreciate. It can be shopping vouchers, special lunch or a day trip.