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4 ways to increase sales productivity

4 ways to increase sales productivity

1. Train your salespeoples

"If a training session makes a salesperson 1% more productive, they will do the equivalent of 200 hours of extra work over the course of a year."" - Andrew Grove, CEO of Intel Corporation shared.

According to Seismic, 3 hours training every month can boost revenue by 25% and increase close rates by 70%.

In case you cannot gather every sales person in the classroom regularly, consider using a sales enablement platform and send short tips daily to train your teams in an engaging way. "

2. Improve salespeople's productivity

"Sales productivity is the most challenging issue for 65% company. Obviously, it has a huge impact on revenue, according to research from The Bridge Group.

If you are looking for a way to check the progress and performance of your employees, a sales enablement platform is what you need.

With real data and constantly updated reports, business managers can easily figure out how to track and measure their company's sales activities."

3. Achieve sales targets 4 times faster with real-time analytics

"Organizations using sales enablement platform to access real-time sales analytics achieve their targets 4 times faster than other companies, according to Seismic.

With real-time, actionable insights from sales data analysis or from sales people feedback, Tribee can help you to improve your team's performance. Follow and contact us to know more."

4. Instant recognition is a powerful tool to empower your sales teams

Sales motivation systems are usually all about sales commission. Usually, a salesperson has to wait at least until the end of the month to receive their reward. Often that is too long to keep them motivated every day!

Have you ever thought of other methods to boost their motivation?

"Praise is most effective when it is immediate, not hours or days after a success but minutes or seconds." - L. David Marquet said in his book "Turn the Ship Around".

With Tribee solutions, you can recognize your salespeople anytime, anywhere and let them enjoy their reward instantly. That's what boosting motivation is all about! Follow and contact us to know more about Tribee."