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As the competition between companies in the market becomes more and more fierce, customer tastes change, and trends are updated daily; creating an own brand color to be on the consumer's top of mind list is always the concern of many business owners. With that question in mind, we were fortunate to meet Mr. Liem - CEO of the Lee&Tee handbag brand, to listen to how he built his strategy and created "the unique color of Lee&Tee".

Sharing about the reason why Lee&Tee had positive growth in the year of the epidemic 2020, Mr. Liem said: "He is very focused on the leather material of the bag and the customer's experience when shopping at Lee&Tee" – Mr. Liem opened up when we asked what makes Lee&Tee different. With passion and many years of experience in manufacturing, he has taken advantage of frame pressing and bag leather processing to create high-quality products and reasonable prices for customers. In addition to product quality, the second binder that helps customers support and returns to Lee&Tee is a great shopping experience.
Focusing on ​​​​building a store as a second home, Mr. Liem trains the sales team very carefully in the approach, from the spirit of welcoming customers like family, plus professional knowledge about products to choose for each purchase.

In addition, Mr. Liem also encourages and rewards when salespeople ask for customers' contact information. Connecting with customers via Zalo/Facebook to inquire and send new product samples has turned the seller into a close friend with the consumer, making the buying experience more than a simple task. Buying an item but also talking, making friends.

How did Mr. Liem build the sales team to make the sales culture a prerequisite focus? The key lies in the core technology system, which provides Mr. Liem with an intuitive and general view of the revenue situation of each branch.

He can capture the increase and decrease in sales, listen to employees' opinions to improve products, and offer appropriate strategies or promotions. In addition, this sales system also allows employees to check their inventory, their monthly bonus policies, and sales targets. When the CEO and employees feel comfortable working at Lee&Tee, sales increase accordingly.

Technology will always be a decisive move for businesses in developing and renewing themselves, especially in managing their sales teams. Therefore, investing in a technology system that allows salespeople to be more productive while building an organization's performance culture would be a big step forward for today's businesses.