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How Tribee helped teams at to sell more and boost sales motivation?

The Ultimate App
Helping Large Teams to Sell More

Boo Fashion is a street style fashion retail chain with more than 30 stores across Vietnam. Boo has partnered with Tribee to help their store employees to sell more. 

Some challenges that we identified and addressed were:

  • Store employees were not proactive to achieve their sales targets
  • Existing incentive schemes were not effective to motivate employees to achieve more
  • Employees had no real-time visibility into sales targets, progress, and other key metrics like their accumulated commissions, AOV, UPT, etc.
  • There was no effective channel to communicate visual merchandize (VM) guidelines, product promotions, and other updates to all store employees

Within 3 months from implementing Tribee we have achieved the following: 

  • Engaged employees increased their monthly sales target achievement by 18%
  • The internal survey conducted by Boo showed that: 
    • 92% of employees said the Tribee app helped them to get the key sales information 
    • 98% of employees said that the Tribee app motivated them at work 

Ms. Trâm, store manager in Boo Vincom Nghe An, HCMC shared: “As a store manager, I used to update my employees  at the beginning of every shift about how much they need to sell and the achievement so far.  It created dependency as the team would know what to achieve and what to do next only if I tell them. 

Now with Tribee, everyone can proactively understand their target and revenue daily. It saves my time so I can spend the time training employees or engaging customers.” 

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