HR Lunch Break - Hybrid work in Vietnam: The way forward

HR Lunch Break - Hybrid work in Vietnam: The way forward

The lockdown is over. Are your teams back to the office?

Recently, Pawel Gorski - CEO at Tribee has shared some of our experiences about supporting the sales teams working online and offline in the HR Lunch Break about Hybrid Work.

Here are some ideas from the event about the transition to hybrid work mode. We hope you will find them useful to build your own plan.

1. Communicate expectations to employees during the hybrid work period clearly and frequently.
2. Don't let the valuable routines you developed during the remote work periods go to waste. How can you preserve them during the new normal?
3. Adjust the channels your salespeople communicate with customers to reflect the new normal. Do you have solutions to enable your sales teams to engage customers offline and online?

Follow and contact Tribee for further information about hybrid work and how Tribee can help large teams to sell more offline and online.

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