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“This is What We Do to Attract Customer”, Tips from Retail Sellers to Retail Sellers

Joining the Vietnam retail market is not easy. Sometimes, what customers think will be different from what CEOs, directors, or managers think.

At Tribee, we especially focus on finding practical insights from our users in Vietnam to support the managers and CEOs to sell more.

We’ve interviewed 3 store managers from one of the biggest retailers in Vietnam, to ask: “How do you attract customers?”

1. Playing loud music

Tran, a store manager, shared: “Every day from 4pm to 8pm, we start to pull out the speakers to the pavement and start playing music. I search for the top 100 best songs on Youtube and click play.”

2. Balloons free giveaways

Hang said: “Our store is near an elementary school, so in the afternoon, from 3 pm to 5 pm, we attract kids by giving away balloons. Their parents will take it, and step into the store because the kids are curious about us.”

3. Leaflet giveaways

Hang said: “We give away leaflets also. But those leaflets only work if we have a promotion, if not, customers would ask us: ‘Is there anything in promotion? No? Oh..’ then they leave.”

Does your company have other street-savvy strategies to attract customers? Share below.
For privacy, names in this article have been changed.