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Top 5 Factors Helping Retail Sales Teams to Achieve Their Monthly Targets

Top 5 Factors Helping Retail Sales Teams to Achieve Their Monthly Targets

Tribee constantly listens to our end users to understand what helps them to sell more and achieve the revenue targets. We’ve interviewed 4 retail sellers in the footwear industry and asked them to rate different factors from 1 (not important) to 10 (so important, can’t succeed without it). Here are the top insights we found:

1. Rate 10/10: Customer service

Hoa said: “At 10 pm, 28 Tet, we already reached the sales targets and closed the store. But there was a woman asking for shoes for her kids. If we didn’t sell, where else could she buy? Tomorrow was New Year's Eve and most shoe stores in this city were already closed. So we opened the door again for the last customer of the year. Wholehearted customer service is important because customers will feel it.”

2. Rate 9/10: Attracting people to come to the store

Thuong said: “It’s the most important thing for me. Our store location is not good, and attracting enough customers is our biggest concern. If there’s no one coming inside the store, who do we sell shoes to?”

3. Rate 9/10: Motivating the team by forecasting exact bonus amounts for each employee

An said: “I inspired teams to wholeheartedly do the job, and lucky me, even the security guy, who worked for another security company, was willing to help me spread shoes onto the street and sell them. Also, I printed out a paper stating the number of bonuses each employee will receive if we reached targets, encouraging people to do a good job.”

4. Rate 8/10: Promotion

Hoa said: “People love sales. Just the feeling of seeing something selling off can make people excited. Even if they don’t use it, they might buy other things.”

5. Rate 8/10: Inventory

Thuong said: “If the store did not have enough sizes and models, and the customer asked 2 or 3 times but couldn’t get the model they liked, they would give up on buying.”

Do you think those factors above are true to your company? We love to hear your thoughts.

For privacy, names in this article have been changed.