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Tribee helps shoemaker Biti’s increase
employees’ happiness and sales

Tribee helps shoemaker Biti’s increase
employees’ happiness and sales

Tribee, a leading provider of employee motivation system, has supported Biti’s, the country largest shoe retailer and producer to increase employees’ happiness and retail sales with its platform.

Biti’s and Tribee announced the start of their innovative partnership to accelerate retail sales growth and increase employees’ happiness. Using the Tribee platform, Biti’s will communicate the goals with employees more transparently, and provide recognition, rewards, and sales tips instantly.

Biti’s uses the Tribee platform to reach all employees with company announcements, manage and reward employees for performance, and to enable managers to recognize employees’ contribution to company values and goals in the real time. 

Each Biti’s employee received a personal Tribee app account. In the app, they receive real time recognition from peers and managers, choose their favourite rewards, follow company announcements about sales campaigns and progress, product information, sales tips, and more. 

In addition, Tribee is developing new functions to boost the transparent achievement-based culture. The new functions will allow the employees to share their feedback to support Biti’s business in making data-driven decisions.

Employees will also be able to see personalized information about their sales incentive plans, product information, progress towards sales targets, and how they rank in competition with other stores. 

“Work-place connection is one of the crucial success elements at Bitis. Before working with Tribee, we really have a challenge to connect from our headquarter to our frontline and reward right behaviors. Now, with Tribee, we will be able to connect better and also recognize colleagues that perform well within the community. In the end, the main goal is that well-connected, happy staffs can serve our customers better and happier.”

- Cindy Vuu, CEO of Biti’s - 

Employees feel motivated when they have an opportunity to navigate their personal journey and control their career destiny. With Tribee, they will be able to maximize their personal income based on their genuine performance. They can receive recognition for their effort from coworkers and management. It also improves the connection with the whole team across the company, and with the company mission.

“We are very honored to work with one of the most successful Vietnamese companies with such a rich legacy in Vietnamese culture. The partnership with Biti’s helps us to deepen our understanding of the retail business and continue developing new capabilities of the Tribee system which will support the business and its employees.”

- Paweł Górski, CEO of Tribee - 

Large retailers with retail stores spread across the country often face the same problem. Most of them need a better connection between the management and the front-line employees.

Biti’s is constantly starting new initiatives to be in the frontline of growth and innovation. It has a goal to become the global brand promoting Vietnamese products and values into the new millennia. Tribee will help Biti’s to address the needs of employees and the business by using recognition and transparency to grow sales and employee happiness.

Biti’s is the leading footwear brand in Vietnam with over 200 retail stores and its own manufacturing base. Biti’s owns its prestige through high-quality products since 1982. Tribee is an employee app and management portal increasing sales and enhancing the customer experience of companies that want to improve their customer-facing employees’ motivation and performance.

Source: Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine

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