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F&B Solutions

F&B Solutions

Motivate and train your team to upsell and increase guest’s satisfaction

Frontline staff-related challenges

Low productivity

Due to staff's lack of knowledge or motivation

Inefficient training

Due to lack of guidance and feedback

Recruiting/Retaining the right employee

Leading to decreased service quality, revenue opportunities

Ineffective communication

E.g, time-consuming daily briefings, staff failing to access the right information at the right time
Frontline staff challenges

Experience the sales coaching solution

Upselling Techniques

    Wine Pairing

      Enable your staff to
      sell more and serve customers better

      How can Tribee be impactful?

      New revenue generation

      Help employees maximize opportunity to generate new revenue in-premise through their interactions with agents and acquiring more profitable agents.

      Performance data visualization

      Help businesses to gain total visibility on performance metrics to identify top talents and low performers in real time.

      Help employees to understand their own performance and how they compare with peers.

      Talent retention schemes

      Provide recognition and benefits addressing needs of employees and their families by leveraging programs of major consumer goods producers and other retailers.

      Communication & alignment across the entire organization

      Ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time making every employee work towards the same goals. Make the daily briefing and other types of communication more effective and efficient.

      Building high-performance culture

      Create transparent and effective motivation schemes which promote contribution to business results.

      Introduce incentives, point systems, tips, and competitions to maintain high engagement.

      Help employees understand what’s expected from them, how to fulfill their responsibilities in the best way, and how their compensation will improve based on better performance.

      How does it work?

      Below are typical use cases of what and how Tribee can help your business

      Use case: Boost sales motivation

      1. Real-time sales view

      2. Synchronized with company’s POS

      3. Short-term sales contests

      4. Instant bonus & rewards

      5. On-spot recognition

      Use case: Micro-learning

      1. Communication of promotions

      2. Automated daily sales tips 

      3. Gamified quizzes for product knowledge

      4. Real-time tracking of employees’ engagement and training results

      Use case: Help management gain real-time visibility into performance

      1. Connect to other data sources (POS, HRIS)

      2. Real-time dashboards with data

      3. Performance metrics per team and per individual

      4. Employee sales performance and engagement insights

      Use case: Boost sales via social networks

      1. Instant communication of new sales promotions

      2. Agents make orders via Tribee

      3. Agents share sales promotions to customers directly from the Tribee app

      4. Real-time reporting

      5. Instant bonus

      Expected Outcome

      Increased revenue

      1. Enable property's staff to provide on/off-premise offers

      2. Enable sales channels to increase sales of highly profitable offers

      Reduced cost

      1. Higher talent retention

      2. Higher employees productivity

      3. Increase efficiency of resource management in areas such as F&B, housekeeping

      Increased service quality

      1. Improved rating in social media contributing to higher new customers

      2. Increased customer satisfaction contributing to higher repeat customers

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