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Tribee: Solution For Hotels To Maximize Revenue and Delight Guests

Introducing Tribee: The Solution to Hospitality Sales Challenges

Sales & Service Coaching  App For Hotel Teams

How well does your staff engage
your hotel guests?

Does your staff maximize your key business metrics?

Guest Experience

Guest Services Satisfaction, Positive Reviews

Revenue from services

F&B, spa, room upgrades,
3rd party services

Tribee helps you to maximize sales opportunities and improve guests experience, while helping your hotel staff to succeed. Tribee Sales & Customer Service Coaching empowers your staff to effectively cross-sell and upsell the range of services available in your property, resulting in increased guest satisfaction and maximized revenue.

Benefits from Tribee

Increase in customer touchpoints by staff

Maximize opportunities for hotels to offer more services

Increase effectiveness of knowledge acquisition By you staff

Benefits From Tribee

Experience the sales coaching solution

How to greet, engage and encourage to use F&B facilities

    How to identify Business Travelers and Professionals

      Product Knowlage

        “I hear my staff using the key words they learned from Tribee app when recommending our menu items to customers.”
        - 5 star hotel staff member

        How Does Tribee Help To Grow Your Business?

        Tribee helps you to maximize sales opportunities and improve guests experience,
        while helping their frontline teams to succeed. 

        Personalized coaching experience via Tribee mobile app

        Equip your staff with the  knowledge & skills to provide personalized recommendations and create memorable experiences for guests, leading to enhanced satisfaction and positive reviews.

        Effective Upselling Techniques

        Our Coaching modules equip your staff with effective upselling techniques, enabling them to suggest room upgrades, premium services, and additional amenities that align with guests' needs and preferences.


        Our coaching program focuses on identifying cross-selling opportunities throughout your property, from F&B services in rooftops, lounges, and bars to spa packages, room upgrades, and bistro/cafe operations. This streamlines your services, making it easier for staff to promote and offer additional services to guests.

        Service & Sales coaching content

        Content for your staff is created by hospitality industry experts with over 30 years experience in hospitality management in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

        Tribee management web portal

        Offers you visibility on the staff performance and a way to manage the content coaching content they receive.

        Customized content for your property

        Tribee uses AI tools which can convert your menu, offerings, and training SOPs to make content specific to your business.

        Proven Impact

        Average 32% increase in upsell rates for a 5 star hotel.

        How to start

        Sign up and onboard your staff immediately with our ready-to-use

        comprehensive coaching content and app starting at 5,490,000 VND per month.

        Provide information to create app accounts for your staff.

        Tribee will do all the setup
        and make the platform available to use within 2 weeks