Introducing Tribee: The Solution to Hospitality Sales Challenges

Introducing Tribee: The Solution to Hospitality Sales Challenges

Motivate your hospitality team to upsell, increase guest’s satisfaction and increase revenue.

Struggling with managing your frontline team? Inefficient upselling, subpar service delivery, difficulty in hiring/retaining top talent, and lackluster communication plague many businesses. Fear not, Tribee is here to conquer these obstacles and empower your staff to boost sales and elevate guest experiences!

Are you facing issues such as?

Poor upselling

Due to staff's lack of knowledge or motivation

Low service performance

Due to lack of guidance and feedback

Recruiting/retaining the right employees

Leading to decreased service quality, revenue opportunities

Ineffective communication

E.g, time-consuming daily briefings, staff failing to access the right information at the right time

Enable your staff to
sell more and serve guests better

Frontline staff challenges

How Tribee works?

Tribee has different use cases that can cater to various needs. Here are some of the ways Tribee can help your business:


Help front office or F&B staff to upsell by visualizing goals, providing incentives, upsell tips, and tracking results in real-time. Engage in competition with co-workers with Tribee's leaderboard feature.

Improving Service Quality

Help F&B staff to serve better by sending daily service tips, testing knowledge with quizzes, tracking learning progress, and gamifying & recognizing improvements in performance.

Enhancing Collaboration

Digitize daily briefings, send the right message to the right staff at the right time, and collect feedback and insights from the front line.

Real-time Visibility

Help management gain real-time visibility into performance by connecting to other data sources (POS, HRIS), displaying real-time dashboards with data, and providing performance metrics per team and per individual.

Impactful solutions by Tribee

New revenue generation

With Tribee, your staff will be empowered to generate new revenue by engaging with customers and acquiring more profitable ones.

Performance data visualization

Gain total visibility on performance metrics to identify top talent and areas of improvement in real time. Tribee helps employees understand their performance and how they compare with their peers.

Talent retention schemes

Keep your team happy and motivated with recognition and benefits that address their needs and those of their families. With Tribee, you can leverage programs from major consumer goods producers and other retailers to help retain top talent.

Communication & Alignment

Ensure everyone on your team works towards the same goals with effective and efficient communication. Tribee makes daily briefings and other types of communication a breeze, so you can focus on delivering the best experience for your guests.

Building high-performance culture

Tribee enhances motivation schemes to inspire your team to contribute to business results. We'll introduce incentives, point systems, tips, and competitions to maintain high engagement and help your employees understand their responsibilities and how to excel in their roles.

Expected Outcome

By using Tribee, you can expect:

Increased Revenue

Enable property’s staff to provide on/off-premise offers and enable sales channels to increase sales of highly profitable offers.

Reduced Cost

Increase efficiency of resource management in areas such as F&B and housekeeping, higher employee productivity, and higher talent retention.

Increased Service Quality

Increased customer satisfaction (e.g. in housekeeping, front-desk, F&B), contributing to higher repeat customers and improved rating in social media contributing to higher new customers.

Book your free consultation now!

Tribee offers a free consultation to help you determine how to prioritize your business needs.

Our client solutions team will consolidate inputs from your team and present a proposal with personalized solutions. We'll test and implement with your operations and business teams and provide ongoing recommendations and support.

Don't let frontline staff-related challenges hinder your business. Book your free consultation with Tribee now and see how we can help you improve your staff's performance, increase revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction


Meet Tribee client solutions team and confirm your priorities


Tribee consolidates inputs from your team


Tribee presents solutions that match your needs


Testing & Implementation with your business


Ongoing support from Tribee

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Tribee is an app helping large teams to sell more and earn more. It promotes and rewards behaviours proven to increase sales, helps sellers to engage customers better, and provides management with real-time actionable insights to increase revenue.​

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