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Help Your Teams
Sell More

with All-In-One Sales Platform Combining Sales Knowledge, Motivation, and Performance Management  

Help Your Teams
Sell More

with All-In-One Sales Platform Combining Sales Knowledge, Motivation, and Performance Management 

Improve staff productivity:

98% employees say Tribee app is useful in their daily sales work

Increase upsell & cross-sell:

teams using Tribee achieve 16% AOV increase on average

Boost sales conversion of high-margin products:

32% sales conversion increase for targeted items

Trusted by leading companies

>35 000 employees & their families:

A truly holistic 360° revenue growth platform

Before Tribee:

  • Businesses miss sales because their staff can’t effectively engage customers to sell more.

  • Customers often leave empty-handed because staff did not ask the right questions to understand their needs and failed to personalize their recommendations.

  • Launching new products or promotions takes ages because businesses lack tools to share selling best-practices and additional incentives for their staff fast.

    With Tribee:

    • Sales staff sell more because they are motivated and improve their sales knowledge daily.
    • Customers buy more and return often because they feel understood and receive personalized recommendations.
    • New product launches and promotions generate new revenue immediately because all staff is engaged and know how to introduce them to customers effectively.

Tribee Unique Approach

Software solutions and Content Development services to deliver results you expect.

to Grow Your Sales

As a software platform Tribee gives your team and managers tested toolkit to boosts sales through performance visualization, targeted coaching, and rewards, streamlining KPI achievement and team motivation.

Tailored Content

Tribee's CaaS (Content-as-a-Service) distills your data into optimized selling strategies, builds a sales knowledge bank with scenario coaching, and designs motivation programs for sales staff, streamlining performance improvement.

How does Tribee work?

Your strategic partner towards substantial revenue increase.

  • Sales coaching

    Experience the power of personalized revenue oriented coaching,
    where we transform your specific product and sales materials
    into engaging and interactive learning content tailored for your team.

  • Sales Campaigns

    Deploy sales campaigns quickly with clear target tracking,
    progress updates, and essential knowledge
    to ensure your team's success.

  • Task Checklists & Briefing

    Ensure all your teams know what's expected from them at work every day and can report on work done.

  • Gamified Leaderboards

    Boost sales and elevate team motivation using our straightforward,
    engaging leaderboard system that turns the sales process
    into a friendly competition.

  • Recognition

    Boost sales team motivation and drive performance by
    recognizing outstanding performers in front of their peers on Tribee app.

  • Actionable Insights

    Gain control over performance management with our insights feature,
    providing clear, concise dashboards that offer a snapshot
    of your team's sales achievements and trends.

  • Sales Rewards & Employee Benefits

    Fuel motivation and cultivate a culture of continuous growth
    with the Incentive and Reward System module, a straightforward tool
    designed to recognize and reward exceptional team performance.

    Tribee: difference and impact

    • 26% more sales 

      Employees using Tribee increase their sales achievement rate on average by 26%.

    • 98% more empowered

      team members say Tribee app is useful in their daily sales tasks, they rely on Tribee for immediate sales information, enhancing sales-skills and efficiency.

    • 92% more motivated

      92% employees say they are more motivated with Tribee, thanks to swift sales data updates, promoting and rewarding results-oriented culture.

    Do we have your attention?

    Do you want to empower your teams to go further, do more and achieve better results?

    Real-Time Performance Monitoring:

    Stay ahead with Tribee’s dashboard, offering real-time insights into performance and activity, enabling managers and employees to swiftly adapt and capitalize on sales opportunities.

    Tailored Sales Strategies:

    Benefit from Tribee’s expert analysis and dynamic sales techniques, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your retail environment. From customer engagement to upselling premium products, Tribee provides the tools and training for success.

    Continuous Improvement:

    Tribee’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our ongoing consultancy and tech solutions, aimed at refining sales strategies and coaching content, ensuring your team remains at the forefront of retail sales performance.

    Do we have your attention?

    Do you want to empower your teams to go further, do more and achieve better results?

    With Tribee, your frontline team gain access to comprehensive sales coaching and product details at their fingertips, increasing confidence and sales conversions. Share sales promotions and new products with real-time updates and push notifications.

    You receive real-time sales performance data, teams target achievement and instant track of the progress, enhancing motivation and sales results.

    Some of our success stories:

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