The Ultimate App
Helping Affiliates to Sell More

The Ultimate App
Helping Affiliates to Sell More

Empower your affiliates’ sales potential,
so they can be more.

Ever thought of engaging your raving fans?

Tap into the power of social media to engage your target markets. Discover how Tribee delivers sales with your engaged fans and your content directly to your target markets, bringing delighted buyers from your brand tribe sellers.

What is Tribee?

Tribee app helps you to connect with and enable your sales teams to reach their peak revenue potential. It gives you true visibility into how your teams and your managers are performing.

  •  Communication & Recognition

    Communication & Recognition

  • Gamified & Exciting

  • Rewards & Benefits

  • Actionable Insights

  • Sales Campaigns

  • Employee Social Selling

The new frontier of selling is here. Are you ready?

Whatever blockers stand between you and your revenue goals, at Tribee we’ve got a best-in-class solution to power the sales growth you’re looking for.

Enable your brand tribes to activate their social channels & engage buyers at scale

Fast and authentic campaigns

Create personalized and trackable content for your ambassadors and affiliates to quickly find and promote your sales campaigns.

Activated fanbase

Enable your fans to effectively reach their tribe through a multi-channel approach to foster and maintain deeper relationships.

Revenue growth

Drive revenue and measure the effectiveness of promotion and social media programs with dedicated tools.

Personalized Content

Create marketing curated content for fans to quickly find and share.

Authenticity - as your brand tribe affiliates can add their personal and professional touch. All to ensure they are sharing content that is aligned to their personal brand & target tribe and quickly share branded content across channels amplifying your sales campaign.

Activated fans

Enable fans to effectively reach their audience and promote you with affiliate sales with deeper relationships.

We engage, Tribee allows and rewards your brand ambassadors to help them to reach their audience through social media to drive more sales with their tribes. We also use behavioural science to reward them for their effort and bring the relationship to another level.

Revenue growth

Drive revenue and measure the effectiveness of social media programs.

New Tribes = More sales. Tribee allows your fans to engage with their tribes with meaningful, relevant content, helping them to manage, nurture and convert the leads. Each and every sales interaction from your affiliate’s Social Media to your online estate is trackable.

Powerful analytics - as Tribee gather sales and engagement analytics throughout the journey. Our platform allows you to understand the return you are getting on your investment and ensure affiliates and ambassadors have the insights to understand what is getting their audience’s attention and rewards.

  • Pawel, Tribee co-founder:

    We help large companies to sell more by better engagement. Everyone can make sales and earn rewards with Tribee by promoting brand they love using social media and reaching out to their tribes.

What makes Tribee work?

Science of influencing behaviours

With Tribee we focus on igniting intrinsic motivation through behavioural science to boost teams sales performance. We use gamification, knowledge boosters and multiple social and rewards to achieve behavioural outcomes. Tribee highlights what each team member needs to do differently to be more effective and close more. That lets you unlock their full potential. With fun.

True visibility, from the macro to micro

Every goal and target consists of small tasks. With Tribee you may break it down to employee level and track how their daily actions are contributing to the success of the whole organisation, in real-time. Get hard data on how each of your team members and regions is performing vs. the rest of the team so you can provide personalized coaching and take decisions based on data, not guesswork.

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Discover how Tribee delivers authentic, personalized sales with social media to bring you more revenue.

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Tribee is an app helping large teams to sell more and earn more. It promotes and rewards behaviours proven to increase sales, helps sellers to engage customers better, and provides management with real-time actionable insights to increase revenue.​

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