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Retail solutions

The Ultimate App
Helping Large Teams to Sell More

Help your team to upsell more and improve customer experience

Frontline employee-related challenges in retail

Low sales conversion rate

Missed upselling opportunities

Low product knowledge

Lack of motivation and focus on sales target

Slow decision-making

No/little real-time sales performance data for management to make decisions fast

Slow communication about sales promotions

It takes long time until all sales people are aware of the latest promotions
Frontline staff challenges

Help your employees to sell more
and serve customers better

How does it work?

Below are typical use cases of what and how Tribee can help your business

Use case: Boost sales motivation

1. Real-time sales view

2. Synchronized with company’s POS

3. Short-term sales contests

4. Instant bonus & rewards

5. On-spot recognition

Use case: Micro-learning

1. Communication of promotions

2. Automated daily sales tips 

3. Gamified quizzes for product knowledge

4. Real-time tracking of employees’ engagement and training results

Use case: Help management gain real-time visibility into performance

1. Connect to other data sources (POS, HRIS)

2. Real-time dashboards with data

3. Performance metrics per team and per individual

4. Employee sales performance and engagement insights

Expected Outcome

Increased revenue

1. Higher conversion rates

2. Better upsell and cross-sell

Improved customer experience

1. Store staff with high customer service skills

2. Store staff have sufficient knowledge to answer customers’ questions

3. Store staff give useful recommendations

Reduced cost

1. Faster & more efficient communication

2. 15h+ time-savings on preparing performance reports

3. Identify & retain top sales people

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