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Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution or you need our help to customize to your use cases, take advantage of our best-in-class onboarding team. We will help you get your program up and running— and ready for peak performance.

Sales Campaigns

Maximize the sales impact of your large teams.

Sales campaigns information

Instantly let your teams know about new sales promotions and new products. 

Targets and real-time progress

Display sales targets, progress and rewards in the way your teams will love.

Product and sales tips

Single repository of all the campaign information, sales tips and more.

FAST rollout of new initiatives to market

No more delayed campaigns. Launch new products and sales promotions in all locations instantly. 

Employee Social Selling

Bring new sales opportunities in. Enable teams to activate social channels & engage buyers ​at scale.

Personalized content

Create a personalized, live feed of marketing curated and 3rd party content for sellers to quickly find and share.

Revenue growth

Drive revenue and measure effectiveness of social media programs.

Activated teams

Enable teams to effectively reach their audience through a multi-channel approach and increase their income.

Full Tracking

Advanced UTM link tracking to keep the visibility of all results in real time.

Rewards and Benefits

Tribee provides you extraordinary solutions to improve employee satisfaction and engagement. Let your teams to be recognised in the way they love. E-vouchers with 8,000 locations from over 300 beloved brands.

Flexibile benefits

By giving your employees full control in choosing their prior benefits, it will improve their satisfaction, retention rate and save management time for your HR teams.


Allow your teams to transfer their benefits to their bank accounts if they can't find benefits they love.

Track reward budgets real-time

Tribee provides real-time dashboards where you can track reward budgets, claim rates, and more.

Actionable insights

You and your teams will gain visibility into what’s working and what’s not to accelerate deals and increase wins.

Instant Analysis

Better visibility and instant insights for better decisions. Empower your managers with real data. Combine and visualise multiple streams: POS, employee happiness, footfall, compliance cameras and more.

Customised Dashboards

Empower yourself with managerial view: revenue & conversion rate broken down by region/area/location.

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Gamify work of your teams to make it more FUN!

You can use gamification to learning, performance and motivation purposes. In either case, gamification helps salespeople develop agility, stay engaged, and keep driving toward their goals.


By giving your employees full control in choosing their prior benefits, it will improve their satisfaction, retention rate and save management time for your HR teams

Make Sales

Sales gamification tools get employees excited to use. Games solidify new concepts, retain more information and perform better.


It drives participation. Friendly competition keeps employees engaged, encouraging them to do their best on each assignment.


It works as it triggers emotions that are linked to positive user experience. These emotions are very important to bring real engagement in.


Bring your company values to life with gamified pieces of content. Create badges, programs and beyond which match with what you stand for.

Communication and Recognition

Increase engagement of your people by meaningful recognition and instant rewards

Peer to peer recognition

Build a day-to-day appreciation culture among coworkers and attach with your company values.

Enable managers to decide about rewards

Allocate budgets to managers so they can recognize good performance with rewards from 300+ leading online and offline brands.

Share company's latest news and policies

Your teams don't use emails? No problem! They won't miss any announcement with Tribee in-app communication and notifications.

Gather insights

Increase engagement with surveys. Design quick surveys on platform to collect feedback and ideas.

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Tribee is an app helping large teams to sell more and earn more. It promotes and rewards behaviours proven to increase sales, helps sellers to engage customers better, and provides management with real-time actionable insights to increase revenue.​

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