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3 Ideas For Sales Contests

3 Ideas For Sales Contests

I. 3 Ideas For Sales Contests

Creating healthy contests among sales teams may significantly improve sales performance. - research by Kenco shows. If you're not sure where to begin, here are some ideas of sales contests you can run on Tribee platform for your sales teams.

1. Weekly targets achiever

Break down the monthly targets into smaller races. And give extra incentives for everyone who meet their weekly targets.

2. Turn the table

Giving prizes to the top sellers of the month is a good approach but quite predictable and motivates only a few on top. You may award the person who has moved up the ranks of the sales leaderboard the most to encourage them to continue the progress.

3. Reveal the mystery

Salespeople submit their winning scripts or tips, and the one who receives the most votes from co-workers wins.

II. 3 Signs That Sales Contests Really Work

Before you start designing a sales contest, you need to know what a successful sales contest should achieve and how to tell whether it's working. Aside from generating the revenue, there are three signs to keep in mind.

1. Sales results of low-performing improve

You may motivate not only top performers who frequently win but also low-performing salespeople. The desire to win is human nature.

2. Team productivity increase

Sales competitions allow teams to focus on a single goal in a short time frame rather than chasing many objectives simultaneously.

3. Team motivation boosted

You may drive your salespeople by having them compete against each other in healthy tournaments with great prizes.