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What keeps a Gen Z employee in the sales industry?

What keeps a Gen Z employee in the sales industry?

Recently, Tribee had the opportunity to meet and chat with Tiên - Tribee end user and also a salesperson of the Gen Z generation.

“I prefer the latter between earning a higher salary and gaining more valuable working experience. That's why I like to try myself in different environments. Normally when joining a new company, I have to start from a lower position, but I don't mind that."

Tiên firmly stated: "If I work in a store with low traffic, I will be bored and quit the job immediately because I don't like sitting still and receiving a salary for nothing. During peak times, like a month before the Tet holiday, the salespeople are extremely busy. But I'm happy because I learn a lot.

Too much pressure is not good either, but in the end, being busy and some stress is the driving force pushing my development.”

If you are a Gen Z or have much experience working with young Gen Z people, don't hesitate to share about this unique, energetic workforce!

For privacy, names in this article have been changed.

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